After a successful toenail removal, it’s very important to give it the right care so you will get no complications and have a fast recovery. The most important thing to do after you get home from the operation is rest. Try to keep the leg elevated on a pillow and avoid standing on the foot. After a day or two you can remove the bandages and the dressing. Try to do this as slowly as possible, because it can be a bit painful. It is a good thing to take painkillers before removing the bandages if these were prescribed. If not prescribed, paracetamol can be used as well. when you removed the bandages try to gently clean the foot. The best thing to do is to is to take a foot bath. Put your feet in some warm water for 15 minutes and try to repeat this every day for at least 1 week. After the foot bath it is very important to dry the foot thoroughly with a soft towel and cover the nail bed up with some new bandages. The reason for the new bandages, even if it looks unnecessary is, is to reduce the risk of the nail become infected.


Of course there is always a risk of infection. When removing bandages take a good look at the nail bed area. If it looks reddish or if it is swollen and it painful there is a big chance the toe is infected. When there are signs of infection try to contact your specialist as soon as possible. This is important as the infection can get worse in a matter of days. You will then be provided with antibiotics which you will have to take every day at a certain time. It is very important to not skip or stop taking the antibiotics. Be sure to always follow the instructions from the doctor.

When treated for nails with a fungal infection you have to apply the anti fungal medicine 1 or 2 times a day after the foot bath and then use some new bandages so the medicine will stay at it’s place. Doing this for at least 2 weeks will completely remove the fungal infection. And a new and not infected nail will grown back after some time. Sometimes an oral medicine will be prescribed, but this is not often the case, because these can give complications. But this can sometimes be the best option when having multiple infected toenails or other fungal infections, like a fungal infection on the skin. If prescribed, try to follow instructions and take the medicine every day at a certain time.

After the first few days, when moving back to your old activity levels always try to wear loose shoes. This will minimize the pain. Toenail removal can cause a lot of pain, but with the proper home care you can prevent this for the biggest part, it’s all up to yourself. Always try to follow the instructions from your doctor. And remember, always contact your doctor immediately when the toe shows signs of infection after the surgery!